Sunday, August 2, 2015

DONALD TRUMP? Have voters gone mad, or just fed up??

I truly respect the business acumen of #Trump, but I do not like Donald Trump, nor the ego driven persona he portrays.

I have been in and around national and world politics for over 30 years. I am amazed in this media saturated environment that everybody loves polls statistics and unverified opinions.

The fact of the matter is this, Donald Trump's rise to prominence has nothing to do with regard to the state of the American voter. It is rather a reflection of the growing intolerance of the status quo that exists within the United States of America.

While I do not support #DonaldTrump in the bigger picture, he is resonating with voters on both sides because of his ability to articulate simple reasoning of 2+2 always equaling four. Due to the expanse of the Internet and information sources, the American voter is far more savvy and sophisticated than my father and grandfathers generation. This leads to a growing intolerance with the career politicians who say a lot and continue to do nothing.


At least in these early stages, the only two politicians talking in language that Americans understand is Donald Trump and #BernieSanders. If we could encourage Elizabeth Warren to get into the game there would be three people who talk with a plan of action that seems to be attainable and acceptable to the majority of American voters.

Time will tell if Donald Trump has the capacity, skill set, and compassion to rule as a strong handed moderator of our nation's needs and change business as usual in Washington DC.

While some say our country is in worse shape than ever, I remain in enormously optimistic about the young voters of America and their desire to expand social consciousness and FairPlay to the world stage, and I believe the world of tomorrow will be better than the world we live in today.